ASpec surveys in Perth. A-Spec surveyor for Bunbury and Busselton. D-Spec ascon.

A-Spec & GIS

The A-Spec community is a growing consortium of Infrastructure managers across Australia. Primarily consisting of Local Governments, it is a growing requirement that all assets be recorded according to the standards.


Noble Consulting Surveyors have specialised in the provision of D-Spec, R-Spec and O-Spec documents since it was first introduced into Western Australia. Our reputation for quality and seamless completion within the LGA's who require these datasets is second to none.


Not only that but our growing client base is enjoying the benefits of our extremely competitive rates and fast, hassle free completion on their projects.


Our GIS capabilities are not limited to the completion of A-Spec surveys, our staff are competent in the provision of all types of datasets from mapping flora locations to monitoring bores and other remote assets.


There is sure to be a way that we can help you so contact us to find out how.

Example D-Spec

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