Project Spotlight:Cloudbreak Mine Survey & GIS Solutions

Cloudbreak Mine Dewatering Project: Expert Surveying Solutions

Project Overview: Advanced Dewatering in Mulga Downs

Noble Surveys takes pride in our involvement in the Cloudbreak Mine Survey Dewatering project in Mulga Downs, Western Australia. This extensive undertaking requires meticulous planning and execution to install a comprehensive pipe network while ensuring environmental and cultural preservation.

Innovative Surveying for Complex Environments

Balancing Heritage Protection with Construction Efficiency

Our team’s expertise in set-out and as-constructed surveying is pivotal in demarcating Indigenous Heritage sites, ensuring no disruption to these sacred spaces. We combined traditional marking methods with modern GIS applications, providing real-time location data to project managers and ensuring compliance with heritage guidelines.

Navigating Challenges with Precision and Care

Adapting to Environmental Sensitivities

The project’s complexity was heightened by the need to balance construction requirements with environmental conservation. Our proactive approach involved data interrogation and marking significant environmental sites, often suggesting revised designs to minimize ecological impact.

Project Outcomes: A Benchmark in Responsible Mining

Ensuring Safety and Heritage Integrity

Through the Cloudbreak Mine Dewatering project, Noble Surveys demonstrates how innovative surveying techniques can coexist with a strong commitment to heritage and environmental protection. This project serves as a model of how careful planning and the right expertise lead to successful, responsible mining operations.

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