Engineering Surveys

One of the driving values at Noble Surveys is providing the best service possible to every client, on every project. Our team focus on discovering what outcomes you require and then set-about providing you with a hassle free solution.

Engineering Surveys are required through almost every phase of any construction or engineering project. From roads and bridges to railways, tunnels, dams and drains; Engineering Surveys will be required to provide the data that ensures that your project is built in the right location and to the right standards.

When you partner with Noble Surveys, you get expertise. Our trained and experienced surveyors are able to offer a complete solution, which provides significant time and cost savings.

By combining latest generation GNSS and robotic total station surveying methods when setting out, we can ensure your specific project requirements are met.

When you align with us, you receive efficient systems that ensure accuracy and precision, ensuring that your construction project is hassle free. We offer unmatched safety, modern technology and highly trained staff to cater to your project from inception, through to completion.

Our Engineering Surveying Services

  • Earthworks
  • Machine Control & Guidance
  • Pipelines
  • Tunneling
  • Road Re-surfacing Surveys

  • Building Construction
  • Road Infrastructure Surveying
  • Rail Infrastructure Surveying
  • Concrete Construction
  • Sewer & Drainage Surveys

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