GIS & Specialist As-constructed Surveys

Planners, engineers, and government bodies are increasingly leveraging GIS Mapping and GIS Data for efficient management of diverse assets. At Noble Surveys, we are at the forefront of innovation in this space, offering bespoke, hassle-free GIS solutions to meet your data management and reporting needs.

Our custom GIS maps empower site teams with real-time project insights on their devices, enhancing planning and logistics by providing precise location data relative to key design elements. Our GIS services are versatile, with applications ranging from pipeline and road construction to environmental planning, demonstrating limitless utility.

In addition to GIS mapping, Noble Surveys specializes in providing As-constructed documentation, an essential component for project completion and asset management. Our As-constructed surveys deliver detailed, accurate records of all construction elements as they are built, ensuring compliance with design specifications.

These surveys are integral for infrastructure projects, offering critical insights for future maintenance and compliance purposes. By utilizing the A-Spec and D-Spec standards in our As-constructed surveys, we ensure that all documentation is thorough, precise, and tailored to the specific needs of planners and engineers.

With Noble Surveys as your GIS Survey partner, you gain access to top-tier As-constructed documentation services, facilitating seamless project transitions from construction to operation.


One of the major GIS data requirements that is being rapidly adopted are various A-Spec formats. Our team have been extensively trained in the production of the datasets consisting of:

  • D-Spec – Storm Water Drainage Infrastructure
  • R-Spec – Roads and Road reserves
  • W-Spec – Water Infrastructure
  • S-Spec – Sewerage Infrastructure
  • B-Spec – Building Assets
  • O-Spec – Open Space As-constructed


Our spatial team are also specialists at WCX as-constructed data which is required by the Water Corporation in Western Australia. Our people are ready to help you finish your project and take away the hassle of completing this crucial data for you.

Noble Surveys have experienced surveyors throughout Western Australia, who are ready to help capture, convert or improve your existing GIS database.

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