Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning is a fast and accurate surveying method. Designed to quickly and precisely capture a 3D point cloud of an objects surface Laser Scanning allows for rapid acquisition of data with unparalleled depth of detail.

Our team at Noble Surveys have the training and experience to utilize the latest technology to it’s full potential and have the resources and ability to create 3D models in any format, detail or level of depth. We are equipped to provide varying styles of visualization and data overlay, allowing you to maximize the application of the data.

We are able to scan and capture anything and everything with safe and efficient workflows and procedures. The reliability and scale of the results will allow you to make the right decisions for your project, improving construction time and plan your workflow.

Why Use Laser Scanning

  • Increased safety in data capture. Laser scanning eliminates the need to physically access unsafe locations
  • Rapid data capture results in reduced on-site time & costs
  • Scan data captures anything and everything
  • Data allows for early detection of clashes. Resulting reduction in downtime, re-work and variations far outweighs the cost of an initial survey investment
  • Extremely High accuracy
  • Scanning does not require shutdown to complete the survey
  • Comprehensive data capture eliminates the need to re-survey areas if the requirements change.

Scanning Applications

  • Engineering and Construction
  • Road Corridors
  • Hazardous environments
  • Areas with Restricted access
  • Rail Corridors
  • Stockpile auditing
  • Feature surveys

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