Project Overview

Transforming Flood Mitigation Infrastructure in Busselton

Noble Surveys is proud to showcase our involvement in the significant upgrade of the Vasse Diversion Drain in Busselton, a project dedicated to enhancing community safety through improved flood mitigation. The extensive works over a 6-kilometer stretch were vital in reshaping and excavating the drain to manage water flow efficiently.

Our Role: Comprehensive Surveying Expertise

Precision and Innovation on the Ground

As the surveying backbone for this project, Noble Surveys provided end-to-end services, including topographical surveys, design modeling for machine control, and as-constructed surveying of the completed earthworks layers and structures to the Water Corporations WCX DS-80 Standard. Our advanced methods, such as GNSS, total station surveying, aerial surveys, and Lidar scanning, ensured accuracy and efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.

Overcoming Challenges

Expertise in Action: Ensuring Coverage and Precision

Covering multiple construction fronts over vast distances presented logistical challenges. Our solution: implementing aerial surveys to enhance data capture scope and quality. For the precise construction of concrete structures and sheet piling, our surveyors’ expertise with total stations was crucial.

Project Outcomes

A Safer Community with Advanced Flood Defenses

The project’s successful completion has significantly bolstered the flood defenses, safeguarding the local community. Our surveying support was instrumental in the precise execution of this critical infrastructure.

Noble Surveys’ Commitment

Engineering Excellence for a Sustainable Future

At Noble Surveys, we are committed to delivering surveying excellence that supports sustainable community development. Learn more about our projects and dedication to environmental stewardship in the links below:

Explore more about our Construction Surveys, Drone Survey capabilities, and GIS and Asconstructed Mapping that contribute to such transformative community projects.

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