Project Spotlight: Witchcliffe EcoVillage Survey

Aerial Survey of Land Development

Sustainable Living Mapped to Perfection

A Pioneering Community in Western Australia’s South West

Witchcliffe EcoVillage, envisioned as one of the world’s leading sustainable residential communities, stands in the serene landscape of Western Australia’s South West. Noble Surveys had the privilege to contribute survey services to Stage 1 of this eco-conscious land development, crafting approximately 200 lots over 48 hectares, designed to harmonize with nature and support eco-friendly living.

Precision Surveying for Eco-Innovation

Comprehensive Engineering Surveys for a Green Tomorrow

At Noble Surveys, our contribution to the Witchcliffe EcoVillage was extensive, providing top-notch engineering surveying services. Our tasks included establishing control networks, conducting topographical surveys to determine existing levels, and designing and modeling for earthworks with machine control. We ensured meticulous as-constructed surveys of all earthworks and underground services, adhering to precise R-Spec and D-Spec standards.

UAV Survey drone on construction site
Surveyor measuring land

Navigating Challenges with Cutting-Edge Technology

Adapting to Complexity with Advanced Surveying Techniques

Challenging design data necessitated our expertise to correct and optimize for machine guidance systems. Our innovative use of UAV technology for as-constructed surveys and Ortho mosaic creation for roads and pathway mapping exemplified our commitment to efficiency and accuracy.

Project Impact: A Community Grounded in Ecology

Witchcliffe EcoVillage: A Benchmark for Eco-Living

The Witchcliffe EcoVillage project is a testament to what modern communities can achieve with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly design. Through our specialized surveying services, Noble Surveys has helped lay the groundwork for a unique and vibrant community that exemplifies a commitment to sustainability.

Surveyor marking out roads
Earthworks surveyor

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Engineering Excellence for a Sustainable Future

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